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January 2023

January 6th – A number of OCEAP members attended a joint training exercise with our Mutual Aid partner, Respond Search and Rescue in Peel. The training day consisted of classroom training followed by a field work component. Great work!

Logistics coordination Exercise – Respond SAR

January 1

Year in Review for 2022. Job well done by all on the Team.

Cobourg Santa Claus Parade

OCEAP members participated in the Cobourg Santa Claus parade this year. Following the command post through the parade route, members got into character with the theme song Grandma got run over by a Reindeer. OCEAP members were quick to rush to Grandma’s assistance and keep the parade moving. A great thanks to all of our volunteers who helped plan and execute the event. Well done.

Thanks to Grandma and the runaway Reindeer!
Great help decorating the Command Post for the festivities.

Port Hope Santa Claus Parade

A dozen members of OCEAP were on hand in Port Hope today to assist with the 2022 Santa Claus parade. Our dedicated members assisted with public safety by monitoring the road barricades along the parade route. It was a beautiful day and a great parade! Thanks to all of our members for helping out to keep Santa and our community safe.

CP-02 participated in the parade!
Just a few decorations to get into the holiday season.

Candlelight Walk

OCEAP members assisted the Town of Port Hope with road closures during the Candlelight Walk last evening. A procession of singers holding candles worked their way down Walton and Queen Streets to the park where the Christmas lights were lit. OCEAP members attend these events at the request of the Municipality of Port Hope to provide an additional level of safety to the events.

Urban SAR Training Day

OCEAP held an urban search and rescue training exercise today. With the support of Jubalee Beach Park, OCEAP members have an opportunity to search actual neighborhoods – looking around buildings, under decks and in sheds. We have been lucky to be able to make use of this venue for many years as an annual fall exercise.

The weather gave us a bit of an additional challenge as lake effect snow blew in reducing visibility and making walking and finding clues more difficult for the crews. We were also lucky to have a volunteer come out and take on the role of victim for the day. It was a great day and we believe members gained valuable experience.

A bit of weather moved in as the crews were preparing to head out.

Training segment 1A with Crew 1120
Evacuating our ‘victim’ to safety.
Team members at CP-02 at end of training.

Remembrance Day 2022

OCEAP members were proud to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Port Hope today. OCEAP members assisted the Municipality by assisting with the road closures to maintain public safety.

Rebound Child and Youth Services K4K

OCEAP members assisted Rebound Child and Youth Services in their Kilometers for Kids 5K and 10K runs in Cobourg. Working with St John Ambulance and Cobourg Police Auxiliary, our members led the two runs on bike and followed behind the last runners for safety.

Great day to be out on the beautiful Cobourg waterfront.

Our Crew for the Day.
Ready for the 5K and 10K.

October Training Day

OCEAP held our October Training day on Saturday, October 15th in Port Hope. We were joined by our mutual aid partner Respond Search and Rescue as well as a number of new Members in Training.

OCEAP Presentation – Sept 15

OCEAP recently renewed our Memorandum of Understanding with the Cobourg Police Service. As part of our mutual cooperation, OCEAP did a presentation for the Cobourg Police Auxiliary Unit on our Team and what we do. This was followed by a high level briefing on Search and Rescue basics. We appreciated the opportunity to present and look forward to future training sessions together.

August 2022

Port Hope Police Bike Rodeo

OCEAP in conjunction with the Port Hope Police and Port Hope Police Auxiliary held a Bike Safety Rodeo at the police station on August 12th. A mini course was laid out and bicycle safety was reviewed.