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Canada Day 2022

July 1st is an opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to be Canadian and enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle that come with that. Happy Canada Day 2022.

It was nice to once again to have a parade down the main street of Port Hope. The parade was a little bit smaller than some years in the past, but it was still great to get out and enjoy the beautiful day.

OCEAP members assisted the Town and the Port Hope Police Service with monitoring road barricades in support of public safety throughout the day.

Walton and Cavan Streets in Port Hope.
Parade was followed by music and children’s events in the Park.

Cobourg Highland Games

June 17th and 18th. Once again this year, OCEAP members worked with the Cobourg Highland Games Committee as a fund raiser for our Team. OCEAP members maintained a First Aid station on site for the Saturday as well as providing access control, bartenders and support staff for the events on Friday night and Saturday. OCEAP members provided over 150 hours of service. Our members love this event.

Our Friday evening crew ready to go.
Saturday Evening crew ready to wrap up the evening.

OCEAP would like to express our great thanks to all of our volunteers who gave up their time to come out and help raise funds for the Team. Without our awesome members, we could not exist. Thanks to the Highland Games Committee for working with us again this year.

Heros Highway Ride 2022

At the request of the Town of Port Hope and the Port Hope Police Service, OCEAP members manned the road barricades in the downtown core for the HHR and Rally 2022. It was great to see all the bikes roll thru town in support of our veterans past and present.

Just the start. The street was filled end to end with bikes!

Well into 2022

It has been a while since we last posted. While the end of winter was less than eventful for the Team, our Spring has been busy.

Once again OCEAP members trained up for the annual Float your Fanny down the Ganny in Port Hope. Throw bag training was gratefully provided by the Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services.

This past Saturday we brought on five additional OCEAP members. This adds to the two that joined in April. We welcome these new “unpaid professionals” who give up their time to support their community.

Port Hope Santa Claus Parade

Once again this year, OCEAP members, at the request of the Port Hope Police Service, manned eight of the intersections closed to traffic in advance and during the parade. OCEAP is proud to assist the Police and the Town of Port Hope in any area of Public Safety – We strive to continue to be a trusted Partner in Community Safety. It was a cool day at just below freezing but it was great to see such a great turn out for this 85th annual parade.

November 27th

November Training

Saturday November 20th was our annual Urban Search day. With the help of a local resort, OCEAP members are given the opportunity to train in a realistic urban environment. Members can search under decks, tarps and around houses. Weather was clear and cool with a bit of wind chill off Lake Ontario. Trainers and members did an awesome job – Well done!

GPS tracking of clue finds

Capitol Theater Aug 24th

Once again this week, OCEAP volunteers assisted with the road closure for the Marquee event. Great weather for this awesome fund raising event for the Theater. OCEAP will be back out next Tuesday for the final show in support of the Port Hope Police and the Town of Port Hope.

Highland Games Pop Up Patio Fundraiser

OCEAP members volunteered over four days at Victoria Park in Cobourg in support of the Cobourg Highland Games. This event also raised funds in support of OCEAP. Thanks to all our members who gave their time and skills to help out.

Demonstration of Highland Dance


The Cobourg Highland Games held a Pop Up Patio at Victoria Park in Cobourg. OCEAP has worked with the Committee for a number of years providing support and joining forces as a fundraiser for our Team.

Members provided support for entrance and exit control as well as running the bar on the Committee’s behalf. Thanks to all our wonderful members who helped out at this event and thanks to all who attended.

This event will be held again in September.

Cobourg Highland Games