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February 2020

January Training – Unfortunately, the weather got the best of us this year for the January Training date and we had to cancel. While we typically train in ANY weather – we will not put our members in harms way from winter storms or thunderstorms for the sake of training. Next training Feb 29th.

Medic Alert Canada Connect Protect – The Port Hope Police Service joined the Medic Alert Connect Protect Service which provides registration for vulnerable members of the public. By registering your love one, the Police service has immediate access to information critical to helping locate the missing person. The Cobourg Police Service also joined the Service earlier this year. This program will allow the Police Services to provide information faster to us, as a ground search and rescue group, to help improve the likelihood of a positive outcome. The public should register their loved ones at Medic Alert Canada.

February 29th Training – Members of the OCEAP Operations (Ops) Group taking a lunch break at our February 29th training day. Just like a leap year, this group of leaders is extra special. The Ops group coordinates all activities for OCEAP and ensures the ongoing operational capabilities. They don’t always get the credit they deserve for all the extra work they put into the Program above and beyond their mandatory training hours. Great work all!

OCEAP Operations Group

2019 In Review

2019 was another busy year for the Ontario Community Emergency Assistance Program (OCEAP).  While we may have been a bit negligent in posting our activities – we have pulled together a bit of a Year in Review.  This is only a portion of the services we provided but is reflective of ourTeam members dedication, professionalism and desire for good natured fun.  What an awesome group!

March Training – Field Training exercise

April – Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny Event – Supporting Port Hope under the direction of Port Hope Fire.

APRIL – Town of Cobourg Clean up Day

Pitching in to do our part!

June – Cobourg Highland Games 

An annual Team Fund Raising Event.

June – Highway for Heroes Ride (Port Hope)

July – Canada Day (Port Hope)

September Training – Field exercise

October – Partner Exercise – Northumberland County

November training – Field exercise

November – Cobourg Santa Claus Parade (participant)



Summer 2019

Fund Raising

Our summer fund raising campaign is now under way!

Help us raise funds to update our new Command Post.  We have a number of updates to perform from changing out the red lights to amber as well as upgrading our communications systems.  If you can help us out, send us an e-mail or give us a call!  All donations are appreciated.


Spring 2018

Here is a summary of the activities and events for February thru June 2018. 

February 2018

Held team meeting (13th)

Team training day (17th) with simulated victim.

March 2018

Mock search exercise and training day (17th)

April 2018

Attended Cops for Cancer event (5th)


Throw rope training (8th)

Missing Persons Call (10th)

Team Meeting (11th)

Assisted with Float your Fanny down the Ganny event (21st)

Cobourg Police Community Partnership 

May 2018

Assisted Port Hope police with Battle of the Atlantic event (6th)

Missing Persons Call (9th)

Assisted Port Hope fire with incident (17th)

Missing Persons Call (19th)

Team night training exercise (26th)

June 2018

Assist Port Hope police with Heros Ride (2nd)

Mutual Aid – Assist Respond SAR with Bread and Honey Festival (3rd)

Fund Raising Event – Cobourg Highland Games (15-16th)

Grafton Canada Day – OCEAP display (24th)


January 2018

Wow – what a year we had in 2017!

OCEAP wrapped up another successful year.

Highlights include:

  • over 4,000 hours of community service
  • a new support agreement with the County of Northumberland
  • supporting the Adventure Smart program, including Hug A Tree
  • new and improved call out / alert system; and
  • improved SAR and first aid training for members.

  We look forward to an exciting 2018 with all of our dedicated members and community partners!


May 2017

May 1st – AdventureSmart Presentation

Helping our youth be prepared for outdoor adventures –

“Survive Outside”

Adventuresmart May1Adventuresmart2 May1

May 17th, 23rd & 25th – Choose Your Ride

(Port Hope and Cobourg)

Participating with Police, Fire and EMS at the Secondary Schools.

Choose your ride May17 Choose your ride May25 HOH 3 Bike Jun3

May 27th – Night Field Training Exercise

Opportunity for members to practice their night search and navigation skills.   It was great to have members from Respond SAR out with us!


April 2017

April 8th – Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny

An annual event for us supporting the Port Hope Fire and Port Hope Police Service.  A very busy day for our members!

FFDG 4 Apr11 FFDG 2 Apr11 FFDG 3 Apr11 FFDG 1 Apr11Our crews

April 22nd – Field Training Exercise for Members

Ex 2 Apr22 Crew briefingEX 1 Apr22Evac patient1110 Apr22 bGPS crew tracks

April 24th – AdventureSmart Presentation

Adventuresmart Apr24

April 29th – Cops 4 Cancer

Again this year, our members (and family) participated to raise funds.

Cops4Cancer1 Apr30 Cops4Cancer Apr30

January 2017

January 21-22

OCEAP was pleased to host Adventure Smart Training in Cobourg.

Congratulations to the new Presenters!  Thank you to the Trainers!

For more information about Adventure Smart click here.


January 28

Field Training Day – An excellent day of outdoor training in basic SAR.  Special thanks to members and trainers!