Spring 2018

Here is a summary of the activities and events for February thru June 2018. 

February 2018

Held team meeting (13th)

Team training day (17th) with simulated victim.

March 2018

Mock search exercise and training day (17th)

April 2018

Attended Cops for Cancer event (5th)


Throw rope training (8th)

Missing Persons Call (10th)

Team Meeting (11th)

Assisted with Float your Fanny down the Ganny event (21st)

Cobourg Police Community Partnership 

May 2018

Assisted Port Hope police with Battle of the Atlantic event (6th)

Missing Persons Call (9th)

Assisted Port Hope fire with incident (17th)

Missing Persons Call (19th)

Team night training exercise (26th)

June 2018

Assist Port Hope police with Heros Ride (2nd)

Mutual Aid – Assist Respond SAR with Bread and Honey Festival (3rd)

Fund Raising Event – Cobourg Highland Games (15-16th)

Grafton Canada Day – OCEAP display (24th)